Today’s investments in marketing automation are strongly focused on reducing marketing waste. Given the highly competitive climate, a company’s ability to orchestrate and optimize internal and external marketing resources will largely depend on its ability to do more with less.

In order to achieve a faster time to market with less resources and reduced agency costs, companies will need to trade off their traditional one-way, one-channel, mass targeted and company-driven campaign management against a multi-channel, measurable and interaction-driven approach.

Blue Ivy strongly believes in the relevance of multi-channel campaign management (MCCM).
We are driven to provide your company with a holistic approach and have therefore joined all required components and aspects of MCCM in our solution and services offerings.

Blue Ivy can complement your MCCM strategy and resources,
whilst assisting you to:

  1. Improve consistency across all channels.
  2. Develop and automate segmented and personalized campaigns.
  3. Build a continuous lead acquisition and qualification process.
  4. Improve response and conversion rates.
  5. Integrate CRM, reporting and analysis.

In times when interactivity counts most,

Just reach out to us.